Console Aspects addon

Console Aspects is texture pack which will change your Minecraft PE graphic into Legacy Console Edition. If you do not know what it is:
this Minecraft platform for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo. There are many different between that two platforms. So you will see: new blocks, items, mobs, sounds, user interface and many other stuff. If you have been played before in Console Edition and miss it, I will recommend it. But if you even do not know what it is and want to provide new graphic in your MCPE I will also recommend this texture.

Features of this addon:
Would you like integrate your Minecraft Bedrock Edition to Legacy Console Edition? Now you have a chance! Just install this texture pack and you will get many new stuff from Minecraft for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

some screenshots from this addon you will be able to see below

download Console Aspects addon for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15/1.16+


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