Dragon Mounts 2

Dragon Mounts 2

Dragon Mounts 2 addon adds dragons, weapon, items, biomes and even cannons. Most dragons will be spawn in different location, will have unique health level, different breathing and behavior. Addon also adds the boss dragon which called The king of the dragon. Take a challenge and try to kill him, if you win you got good loot.


  • 22 new dragons
  • 14 new swords
  • 3 custom items
  • 4 biomes
  • cannon

how to tame dragons?
you can tame all dragons with salmon. You will be able to put saddle on the dragon, dragonarmor and chest. Click to crouch and sit button and dragon will sit.

How to breed dragons?
Mostly dragons (without special one) you can breed. Take woman and man and the can make the egg.

screenshots of some dragons

How to get sword?How to get dragon armor?New biomes

Download Dragon Mounts 2 addon for Minecraft PE 1.14+


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