The Farlanders Bedrock Add-on

The Farlanders Bedrock Add-on adds new mob to your world. They are new types of endermens. Some of they will be neutral towards you, but some of them will want to kill you. Some new mobs like Ender Guardian will hunt to monsters around your world. Be aware, because some mobs will appear only at night and they will not be kind with you.

How to spawn new endermens?
You can create new world with creative mode and find spawn eggs in your inventory. Or you can just create world with survive mode and mobs will spawn randomly and naturally around your world.


  • 7 new mobs
  • new sword: ender sword
  • new item: Ender Horn (get from Titan mob)
  • new food: ender apple
  • mobs will be spawned naturally around your world

What will be added?

new thingsyou have possibility to trade with new mob farlenders to get sword

download The Farlanders Bedrock Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.16+


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