Item Magnet+ addon


Item Magnet+ addon for Minecraft PE will add magnet which will pull items to you. You can also craft magnetic hat and do not need hold magnet in your hand any more. Addon helps you more quickly get loot.

How to use magnet?

At first you have to craft magnet. Recipe you will see below:Then take Magnet in your hand and you will see that it pull items to you. tap on the sneak button and you will see that items throw from you awayMagnetic hat
If you do not want holding magnet you can craft and wear Magnetic Hat. It has the same
Special enhanced mode
if you take in your hand magnet and wear magnetic hat, you will double your power. You will pull items more items and more quickly.
download addon Item Magnet + for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15/1.16

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