Infinity Gauntlet Add-on

Infinity Gauntlet Add-on will give you 6 different gems into your world. When you obtained them you can craft kit or powerful weapons, which will gives you new ability.

How to get stones?

  1. you can kill mobs below and get stones
  2. you can trade with mobs below

you can get time stone in cleric mobpower stone you can get in RavangerSpace stone Reality StoneMind Stone:Soul stonearmor kit

How to craft Power glove weapon?
place gold blog in furnace to get Infinity Gauntlet item
Put Empty Gauntlet And The Time Stone
add Power stone
add Space stone
add Reality stone
add Mind stoneadd Final Stone (Soul)
finely you will got powerful glove which increase your attack, speed and health regeneration.

download Infinity Gauntlet Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.14+

[last version] Minecraft PE download


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