Destructive Arrows Addon

Destructive Arrows Addon will add new functionality to your arrows in the game. Now you will destroy weak blocks with arrows. Not all blocks you can destroy. Destroyable blocks: stained glass, Nether Wart, Snow Blocks, Flowers, etc. On the pictures below you will fund all blocks which are destroyable. Changeable blocks: cobblestone, end bricks, mycelium, dirt, etc. On the list below you will find all changeable blocks.

features of the addon:

  • add will change your arrows and improves them
  • you can destroy weak blocks with arrows
  • addon is compatible with last versions of the game

screenshots you can see below

please watch this video instruction if you would like know more about the addon

download Destructive Arrows Addon for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15/1.16

[last version] Minecraft PE download


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