Raptors Project Addon

Raptors Project Addon will add dinosaurs into your world such like Velociraptors, protoceraptors, sinornithosaurus, lycoptera and others. You can tame them and make new friends! Note that each of dinosaur will have own tame item. New mobs will be spawned automatically around your world.

How to tame dinosaurs?
You have to feed dinosaurs with tame food which you can look below. Each of dinosaur has own tame food.

How to breed dinosaurs?
You have to feed two different dinosaurs with breed food which you will see below.

Tame food is Rabbit Stew Breed food is Raw Mutton

Tame food : Rabbit stew and breed food : Raw Mutton
Tame food Beetroot Soup and breed food : Golden Carrot
Tame food : fermented Spider Eye and breed food : Raw Mutton
Tame food : Cooked Lycoptera and breed food : Salmon
“Tame” food : Water bucket

download Raptors Project Addon for Minecraft PE 1.14+ DOWNLOAD:

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