Color Blocks Addon

Color Blocks Addon

Color Blocks Addon will add 4096 colored blocks into your game. How you every seen addon which will add so big amount of blocks? I think no. It is really unique. New blocks can help you decorate your home and realize any of your idea. Now you can build structures which colors which you would like.

How it does work?

The color of the block is indicated on the ID and block name.
The block Red,Green,Blue (00 – ff) of for each 16 phases, 4,096 (16x16x16) add a block.


Crafting cobble stones and obsidian can make “#000000 block”.
Use dye to increase the color level. For example you can use red, green, white or blue dye.
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Download Color Blocks addon for Minecraft PE 1.14 -1.16

[last version] Minecraft PE download


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