Hot Rod Add-on

Hot Rod Add-on for Minecraft PE adds classic car which you can sow a lot time ago in America. It is very style old fashioned auto. Design is amazing and this car are ready to big race! Of course you can get in and drive the car. You can use trunk for save your items and clean your inventory. Also you have to use a key to start and make good view from inside the auto.

Developer: Gona, Twitter Account

How to get the car?

You can find vehicle in your world. The easiest way to create new world with creative mode and just get the spawn egg.

How to get in ?

You need to come close to car and long tap. After it you will see new button «ride», just push it! ( if you have operation system Windows on your device you have to make right click instead tap in android )

After you did it, you take the key ( carrot on the stick ) to begin move the car.

On this screenshot you can see how amazing look inside.

As I said you can a little bit clean your inventory and put your items or blocks in the cars trunk. How to open it? You have to get in the car and open your inventory. You will see something like that:

How beautiful is design this vehicle. The flame was painted just perfect. Ready to go?

for Minecraft PE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: hot-rod-behaviors-pack.mcpack [142,06 Kb] (count: 35)

DOWNLOAD: hot-rod-resouces-pack.mcpack [394,75 Kb] (count: 34)

create new world and change behavior and resource pack

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