FNAF Pets Addon

FNAF Pets addon for Minecraft PE adds animatronics from popular PC game Five Night at Freddy’s. You can get amazing friends in your world after tame them. Also you can see new boss. If you is fan this game or not, nevertheless I very recommend you test this addon. There are 5 different resource packs and they consist with different animatronics. You will see Freddy, Chika, Chester, Sandy and many another famous character from original game.

Developer: Cheete, Twitter Account

How to spawn animatronics?

You have to know that new mobs will change villagers. So, now you know where you can find them – of course in the village. They will not hostile towards you and start attack you only after your attack.

How to tame animatronics?

Try to feed them pizza slices ( replaced by iron ingots ) After taming, they will your friends and start to attack hostile mobs with you.

You need to know that you can heal them with pizza slices too.

Now you can see Ennard. He is a hostile boss and very powerful mob.

You can download 5 different resource packs. They consist with different animatronics.

For Minecraft PE 1.1 version

  1. download one of these resource packs
    1. FNaC Resource Pack .McPack
    2. FNaF 2 Resource Pack .McPack
    3. FNaF 3 Resource Pack .McPack
    4. FNAF 4 Resource Pack .McPack
    5. FNaF Friend Resource Pack .McPack
    6. FNaF Sister Location Resource Pack .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Apply packs in your MCPE


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