Transformers Addon

Transformers Addon

Transformers Addon for Minecraft PE adds two robots in your world. They can transform into track and helicopter and can fire missiles. One of them can be your best friend and you can ride him. But another one will hostile towards you and your robots friends. Are you ready for transformer fighting?!

Developers: StarkTMA, Twitter Account

update: 3 june

How to spawn transformers?

The first transformer is called Optimus Prime. Try to find him in big village or just build him as you make iron golem. ( the same blocks – iron blocks and pumpkin )


  • You can ride him and drive but hold carrot on a stick
  • Not hostile towards you
  • Has changed by iron golem
  • Has about 300 health
  • He can automatically (randomly) transform in a truck and start fire to your enemies

Another transformer is called Blackout and you need to scary him, because he is very dangerous and hostile. You can find him in your world very easy because creator this addon replaced by creeper.


  • Has about 150 health
  • Has changed by creeper
  • He is hostile and dangerous
  • Attack the same as Optimus Prime

Can you imagine great battle between Optimus Pride and Blackout? You can realize it and control one of robots. Screenshot will show you how amazing it can be.

new mob shockwave

He is hostil and able to attack fireballs

changed by evoker

Startscreem mob Hostile mob, can transofrm in plane replaced by skeleton

Update 3 june what is new?

  • what is new?
  • two new mobs StarScream and Shockwave
  • new death sound
  • now mob Blackout will fly and kill players and autobots
  • custon text

recommend for MCPE 1.1 +

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