Scorpions addon

Did you see fiml The Scorpion King? You will be him. Scorpions addon for Minecraft PE adds this powerful and poisonous animals in your game ( change spiders ). You can tame him and survival in your world not along, because you can get really good pet-friend. After it you able to ride him and move quickly and safety. Do I need to say about this creatures are incredible strong and help you kill your enemies? I think no.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How to spawn scorpions?

As usually you have two ways to do it. First at all, you can try to find them in your Overworld. The second way is easier, you have to create new world with creative mode and just take spider spawn egg ( and throw it )

How to tame scorpions?

Try to find small and young one. Take row meat and make long tap on them. You can filed but try again and again.

Attention: if you have windows 10 you need to do right click instead tap in Android

How to ride scorpions?

Come very close to him and make long tap on him. You will see new button «ride».Do not forget to take iron sword because only holding that weapon you can choose direction your pet.

Not young skorpions are very dangerous. They will attack you and other mobs in your world. As I said they can give you terrible poison effect.

DOWNLOAD: scorpions-behaviors-pack.mcpack [309,5 Kb] (count: 13)

DOWNLOAD: scorpions-resource-pack.mcpack [698,09 Kb] (count: 17)

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