Invisible Touch Controls addon

Invisible Touch Controls addon

Invisible Touch Controls will hide touch controls, inventory, pause, chat from your interface. It makes your interface the same as in computer version of the game. It is really cool! I know that a lot of players would like to see no different between mobile and computer version. This addon will help you to do that!

How does it work?
There are 3 options.

how to choose options?
you have to push gear icon and open addon setting.
For example you want to hide all controls such as chat, emotes, controls and other buttons from “pocket edition”.
you can hide half
only buttons
you can also change some setting in game setting
texture only

Texture + Options:

download Invisible Touch Controls addon for Minecraft PE 1.16+

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.10
last Minecraft PE BETA version


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