Miki’s Death Swap addon

Miki’s Death Swap addon let you create interesting game with your friends. Invite them in make multiplayer. The main goal of each player make traps and in this way kill his opponents. One more time, it’s not allowed to kill your enemy by weapon, you have kill them only with traps.

How does it work?
Invite your friends and ask them connect to your world. Then write command /function game/setup
Then place the given command block and type /function game/run

How to Play:
The main goal is to kill your friends, but NOT HURTING THEM. You can kill them to make traps. It means that PVP not allowed! Just think in which place you can place a trap? why your enemy will go there? you have to make a strategy.

rules you can see on screenshot

important! you have to activate cheats in world setting

download Miki’s Death Swap addon for Minecraft PE 1.16

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.10
last Minecraft PE BETA version


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