C4 Bombs addon

C4 Bombs Addon for Minecraft PE adds dynamite in your game. It is very powerful and explosively thing, you have to keep safety if you use it because you can easy die after explosion. After ignite the C4 you have 10 seconds to run away in good place. This bomb is great thing if you want to destroy something very quickly and easy.

Developer: Steve_And_Jobs, Twitter Account

How to get the bomb?

You have to know the dynamite has replaced by creeper. You can try to find it somewhere in your world or you can just create new world with creative mode and get the creeper spawn egg.

How to set off C4?

For example you need to demolish a building. You have not time for this and you decide use bomb. At first, put this on the ground, after it, use a flint & steel and run, run in safe place. You will see big explosion.

On this screenshot you can see how powerful is your bomb. Now you do not need have big time to destroy your boring house if you want to build new one.

for Minecraft PE 1.0 +

DOWNLOAD: c4-behavior.mcpack [44,11 Kb] (count: 14)

DOWNLOAD: c4-resource.mcpack [102,44 Kb] (count: 11)

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