King Mobs addon

King Mobs addon

King Mobs addon adds two bosses ender king and nether king. They are incredibly strong monsters! Would you like chalange your self and identify how powerful you are? Than you have to try to battle with them. They are completely different from each other. Ender king has 600 health and 30 damage attack. He will be able to summon his friends. Netherking has the same health, but lower attack. He also has roar attack which can damage you.


  • adds 2 strong bosses
  • both of them will summon hostile creatures to kill you
  • addon support the last MCPE version

all screenshots with both mobs you will be able to find below

download King Mobs addon for Minecraft PE 1.16

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.10
last Minecraft PE BETA version


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