Detailful Guns Addon

Detailful Guns Addon

Detailful Guns Addon adds new weapon, ores and ammunition. You can use this addon as for creative as for survival mode. Addon also adds new mobs which will attack villagers. Note that most weapons will need ammos. You can get the most famous gun such like: M16, AK47, uzi, M19, Karabiner, Mauser. Would you like to make massive attack? just use grenades for this purposes.

  • do not forget turn on experimental play


  • over 50 different weapon

How to get the weapon?
you can write special commands as below:

  1. /function pistols
  2. /function smgs
  3. /function rifles_1
  4. /function rifles_2
  5. /function shotguns
  6. /function lmgs
  7. /function otherguns
  8. /function magazines
  9. /function grenades

screenshot with gunnew ores you will see on the screenshot below. They will be ingredient to craft ammos. All guns have the same reload ammo mobs bandits and zombiesother screenshots
download Detailful Guns Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16


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