Furniture+ addon

Furniture+ addon

Furniture+ adds 7 different items. For example: Oven, Fridge, Table, Diving Board, Couch, Chair, etc. You can get all furniture very easy with function /give @a furniture:. Just type this command in the chat and you spawn all new items from this addon.


  • over 7 new furniture
  • support the last MCPE version

how to get new furniture?
you can use command:

  • /function furniture

How does it work?
Let’s add new furniture and make your building more comfortable. You can decorate your house with chair, table or fridge and your house will be looking like your real home.

screenshots from new stuff you will see below

changelog v5

  • new furniture
  • /function furniture

download Furniture+ addon for Minecraft PE 1.16+

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.201
last Minecraft PE BETA version


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