Mine-Tornado Addon

Do you want to make tornado in Minecraft PE? This addon adds some possibilities. It has replaced by Blaze and you can very easy to get it. What you can do with it? For example, you attack mobs some way and watch how they die. Nevertheless, you have to know that tornado is very dangerous thing for you too.

How use tornado?

As I said, Tornado has changed by mob blaze. Where you can get it? Of course, you can try to find it in your world. The easiest way find it, just create new world with creative mode and get blaze spawn egg. Alternatively, you can use command /summon blaze it can help you if you do not want create new world in MCPE.

Remember I said you if you will be very close to Tornado you can just die and now I want to show you some example. You want to kill some mobs through tornado. However, this natural phenomenal summon you.

I am sorry but you died.

For MCPE 1.0 +

DOWNLOAD: mine-tornado-packs.mcaddon [64,52 Kb] (count: 143)

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