Nether Plus Add-on

Nether Plus Add-on will add over 10 new mobs and items. It also adds powerful mob which name is Eye of Cthulhu. Mostly mobs will be dangerous, but some of them you can tame. All of them will be randomly spawned.

how to tame?
just feed food below the next mobs:
Crimson Pet Mushroom: feed fungi
Twisted Pet Mushroom feed mushroom


  • over 10 new mobs
  • mobs will be spawned naturally
  • support the last MCPE version
  • some mobs will have custom animation

some of the mobs you will be able to see on screenshots below

changelog v1.0.1

  • new mobs
  • new texture
  • bug fixes

Download Nether Plus addon for Minecraft PE 1.19 DOWNLOAD: netherplus-add-on2.mcaddon [2.85 Mb]


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