Godzilla The King of The Monsters Addon

Godzilla The King of The Monsters Addon adds new boss Godzilla into your game. The creature is one of the most famous monster in the world. He has dozen of health and powerful attack. Most features of Godzilla are two skills: atomic breath and iconic roar. When godzilla use her skills I recommend you fast run away. Godzila also has unique behavior and realistic animations. Would you like to chalange yourself with the Boss? Install this addon.


  • add the boss Godzilla
  • unique model, animation and behavior
  • the Boss has two dangerous skills roar and breathing
  • support the last MCPE version

some of the screenshots you can check below

video review of this addon is below

download Godzilla The King of The Monsters Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.100
last Minecraft PE BETA version


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