Human Addon

Human Addon

Human Addon will add human into your world. Addon includes 8 different human skins. All of them will spawn naturally. You can tame human and get big support for attacking enemies. Addon also adds new structures:spruce house, decert house, oak house, etc.

How to teach humans?
you can teach humans with different skills by giving them some items.

  1. bow – archer
  2. iron chestplate – guard
  3. iron sword- knight

how to give humans professions?
if you human gets professions you can trade with him and human will change the skin. The process is the same as gives human skills.

  1. iron axe – LUMBERJACK
  2. iron shovel – DIGGER
  3. iron pickaxe – MINER
  4. iron hoe – FARMER
  5. fishing rod – FISHERMAN
  6. some shears – SHEPHERD
  7. golden shovel – ARMORSMITH
  8. golden pickaxe – TOOLSMITH
  9. golden axe – WEAPONSMITH
  10. Enchanting Table – ENCHANTER
  11. book – LIBRARIAN
  12. Totem of Undying – PRIEST

do not forget to enable experimental game

download Human Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.200
last Minecraft PE BETA version


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