Lamborghini Addon

Lamborghini Addon adds sport car with very good 3d model style. I have never seen before so detail in one car. Maybe it is the best detail car in Pocket Edition. Of course, you can get in and drive. In addition, it has very good look inside vehicle. To control it you have to hold in your hand carrot on the stick.

Developers: Steve_And_Jobs, Twitter Account

Where to find this car?

Lamborghini has replaced by Creeper. You can go around in your world and try to find it. The easiest way, if you create new world with creative mode and go in inventory, get creeper spawn egg.

How to get in car?

When you already created the vehicle, you have to come closer and make long tap on it. You will see new button DRIVE and just push on it. Easy! ( for Windows device you need to right click )

Attention! Do not forget take and hold key for car ( carrot on the stick ) only with it you can have control and choose direction.

Look at this super style and quality. Have you ever seen car like that? I never! Check out how many small elements has this car and in common, they make very good view.

Here you can see how car looks inside. Really awesome! There are a lot difference buttons in it. Do you already want to push them and see how its work?

for MCPE 1.0 +

DOWNLOAD: lambo-addon.mcaddon [681,18 Kb] (count: 21)

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