Fénix Family addon

Fénix Family addon

Fénix Family addon adds new NPC into your game. You can make family, get married, get a baby, work and even more. Addon is based on famous Comes Alive addon. It adds a lot of new items: milk bottle, Orb interaction, Heater, Baby bottle belt, etc.


  • adds over 30 NPC into your game
  • new trading system
  • interaction with NPC

Interact with new NPC
you can give a hug, tell a story or compliment, give a gift, etc.

How to give work to NPC?
You need to put bow, iron packaxe, diamond axe or fishing rod.

please watch this video tutorial


In the addon setting you can change the language on spanish or english

Download Fénix Family addon for Minecraft PE 1.16


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