Morningstar War Addon

Morningstar War Addon

Morningstar War Addon adds vehicles and 3D gun. The idea of the addon was taken from the technologies that is used in the 2000s. You will see the next vehicles: Humvee, BTR80, M939 Troop Carrier and Speed Boat. All of them have amazing quality,many small details and even some custom animations. Addon also includes one weapon: M24. It is a sniper rifle. The gun has rifle reload and scope animations.


  • 4 vehicle
  • 1 sniper rifle
  • new animations and sounds

Would you like make your world more fresh and add some new stuff? Your solution is this addon. Cool military vehicle and gun. All of them is to your use. Vehicles have great custom animations and sounds. The same is for sniper riffle. All stuff based on 2000s technologies.

do you want to look on screenshots? let’s do this below.


  1. Added 8 more weapons.
  2. Added Land Rover car.
  3. New reload mechanism.
  4. BTR-80 now shoots at 2nd seat.
  5. Updated the addon to 1.16.

download Morningstar War Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16+


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