Tal’s Armor Rework addon

Tal's Armor Rework addon

Tal’s Armor Rework aimed to improve armor texture. The biggest feature of this addon is new armor, items and recipes. It includes over 6 new armor such like: Leather Armor, Dyed Leather Armor, Chain Armor, Netherite Armor, etc. It looks awesome! The next cool feature of this addon is including 6 new subpacks. So you can hidden your helm, add wolf style to your armor, add “lite” style armors, etc.


  • new armor option
  • over 6 new armor
  • new icons
  • new recipes
  • Player model tweaks
  • it includes 6 subpacks

you can see 6 subpacksoption with hidden helmhow it looks likenew armor varient

“lite” style armors

lite style armor with hidden helmnew icons
new armor

download Tal’s Armor Rework addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17


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