Fantasy Ores addon

Fantasy Ores addon adds over 12 new ores. Based on them you can craft new: armor, weapon, tools. Each of the stuff is unique and has different powerful and effects. The best tool and weapon you can craft from ores that locate very deep on the ground.

Do not forget to enable gametest framework

over 12 different ores
3D armor
over 50 new tools, weapon, armor, etc.

what effects can bring new armor?
Super jump II for 10 seconds, Force II for 10 seconds, Aquatic Breathing II for 10 seconds, etc

how to find ores?
as usual you have to mine them. Every ore will have different layer location. For example Aquamarine you can find on 50 layer down, Spinel has 40 layer down, etc. Every layers you can see on screenshots below.

how to craft new stuff?
Each of the stuff will craft the same as on craft recipes below. In this example you can see ruby tools.

screenshots from this addon you can find below

download Fantasy Ores addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17


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