Godzilla Add-on

Godzilla Add-on adds big monster in your world. It is a very powerful boss and you probably have seen it in American movies. Godzilla can attack you male or long range attack, shooting fireball. If you will great tactic and you kill that boss, you get interesting loot as a present.

Developers: Gona, Twitter Account

How to spawn Godzilla?

This monster will change creeper in your world. So, you can come across it just walk around but if you want right now spawn Godzilla you can just create new world with creative mode and get creeper spawn egg (but be careful and prepare to this great battle)

On this screenshot you can see how big this mob is. It shooting fireballs very quickly and destroy all creature or buildings on the own way.

Are you ready to fight? I recommend prepare to this war and invite your good friends because it will not be easy. Just look at this crazy picture – it is so big and huge!

Godzilla is perfect soldier. It able to as amazing male attack as long rage attack. This picture shows you how extremely dangerous fly these fireball. (they can the same fly to you)

And on this foto you can see what you will get after kill this monster.

for MCPE 1.0 +

DOWNLOAD: godzilla-bahaviors-pack.mcpack [414,32 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: godzilla-resource-pack.mcpack [868,46 Kb]


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