Poppy Playtime Addon

Poppy Playtime Addon adds new boss Huggy Wuggy. The idea of the addon is taken from horror game Poppy Playtime. The boss is main antagonist there. He will have a lot of cool animations such like: Jumpscare, ducking and crawling, springing, faking dead, etc. All it make’s battle real cool and interesting.

Note that also addon adds some new blocks. But they have no functions only decorations.

features of animation:

  • faking dead: he can imitate own dead but as you believe in it he will go up and kill you
  • springing: he can spring much more than other do
  • jumpscare: he can hit huge damage only in one jump to you
  • falling animation
  • he can heal himself


download Poppy Playtime Addon for Minecraft PE 1.18
DOWNLOAD: poppy_playtime_addon_by_bendythedemon18.mcaddon [10.32 Mb]


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