Family Life 2.0 – New Update

Family Life 2.0 – New Update adds family system into your game. Addon includes: new NPCs, talking, marriage, kids, etc. Let’s improve our world and make it more realistic. Enough be alone and have let’s get marriage. You can talk with neighbor, have kids and even give gifts to your friends.

How to start using the addon?

For beginning you have to push interact button.

after that you will get new screen and you can interact with it

What the functions you can have?

  1. talking: flirt, tell story or joke, etc
  2. interactions: kiss, shake hand
  3. give gifts

what is status?
every NPC can have a status (it can be important information)

how to get marriage?

download Family life for Minecraft PE 1.17
DOWNLOAD: family-life-2_0.mcaddon [550.33 Kb]


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