Coordinates HUD MCBE addon

Coordinates HUD MCBE addon shows coordinates, time and direction. This information you can see on the hotbar in your interface. This date is pretty useful for many reason. For example you can always fix where you are and look on your coordinates. Now you have never forget where you home situated. Time is also cool thing because you can’t see time on your Android whole playing.


  • coordinates
  • time
  • direction


This is very useful addon to show you coordinate, time and direction. It is huge advantage for navigation in the world and you will never lost! On new hotbar you can see new date. Once again do not forget turn on special settings and let addon work.

look on the screenshot below. You can see coordinates XYZ…. direction N (north) and time

do not forget activate this addon because it will do not work

download Coordinates HUD MCBE addon for Minecraft PE 1.18
DOWNLOAD: coordinates-hud-addon.mcpack [39.31 Kb]


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