Mine-Furniture Addon

Mine-Furniture Addon adds in your world 15 furniture’s and all of them are different of each other and something do. For example you can get fridge and store your items, blender, safe (safe your items) chair, Bathtub, stool and other thing. They can create amazing compostable in your home or you can make your own interior in your room. Cool? Let’s see how it works.

How to get new furniture?

At the first step, you have to make or try to find DL Box (replaced by Shalker)

Step 2. Place down the DL Box and you have to use any of the furniture items to make the furniture (tap on the DL box).

For example, I show you how to build a radio. Take gold ingot in your hand.

Hold in your hand gold ingot, long tap on the radio and the last step push play.

ATTENTION! All items what will add in your MCPE you can see HERE

DOWNLOAD: mine-furniture.mcaddon [737,35 Kb] (count: 120)

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