Camel Addon

Do you try to find to somebody who carry your items? Then camel helps you with this problem. Now you have to only put some chest to him and you will have free slots for you. Do you still have not a free place for useful blocks? Give this job new mob, which will adds in your world, after you install addon.

Developers: Jason Metch, Twitter Account

How to get camel?

At first, you need to know, to pig has replaced by camel. Now you can try to find camel in your world, but the easiest variant if you just create world with creative mode and then take pig spawn egg.

After, you have to attaché chest to the camel back.

  • Take the chest and hold it in your hand. Then, make long tap on the camel and after It you will see new button – push on it. Done! ( if you have windows you have to do right click instead tap for Android device )

How to tame it?

You cannot do it. If you want to he follows you. You need to use leash.

How to open camels inventory?

You will have addiction 27 free slots for all your things and blocks. Of course, you will have access to open his inventory every time. If you wanna open the inventory:

  • Long tap on the camel and push the button «open»

Recommend for MCPE 1.0 +

DOWNLOAD: camel-addon.mcaddon [56,62 Kb]


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