Remote Controlled Aircraft Addon

Remote Controlled Aircraft Addon for Minecraft PE help you to get remote controlled plane in your world. It will be so big and clever made to you will not feel the difference between real seating in plane and real fly. Do not forget about fill up the tank because you can fall and kill yourself.

Developers: Steve_And_Jobs, Twitter Account

How to get the aircraft?

Chicken has changed by plane. You can or walk around in your world and try to find the plane or you can create new world with creative mode and take a chicken spawn egg. You have two option.

Before you will fly, you have to fill up the tank in your plane. Just take petrol cans (replaced by snowballs)

How to start fly and control the plane?

You need to take remote control (carrot on a stick), and hold it in your hand. Then, just make long tap on aircraft and push the ride button.

After you do it, you will see picture like on screenshot below. It is very good seated position for you, because you can have full control for your plane and you can see where you fly.

recommend for Minecraft PE +

DOWNLOAD: toy-plane-bp.mcpack [213,36 Kb] (count: 10)

DOWNLOAD: toy-plane-rp.mcpack [244,6 Kb] (count: 13)

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