Mythic Mobs Addon

Mythic Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE adds five new mobs in your world ( actually they will replaced by original mobs ) For example, you will see werewolf which after dark turn in hostile and extremely dangerous monster who want kill you. Other mobs are hostile too.

Creator: TheEnderface, Twitter Account

Which mobs will you see?

Berserk (Wither Skeleton)

You can come across with this demon mostly in Nether. Be careful and prepare for big battle before meeting with him. He looks really frightful.

Crossbone (Stray):

I think he looks like freddy krueger. Do you see these huge claws? It can be hurt.

Reptilian (Husk)

He looks very funny like some mother after taking bathroom, but I do not recommend try to kill him, because he is very powerful and smart.

Magician (Skeleton)

This guy can shoot fire ball and other different long range attack. If you want to kill him, you have to make good strategy.

Werewolf (Iron Golem)

To summon him you have to build him as you usually build iron golem. You can see on screenshot below. Materials are iron blocks and pumpkin as a head.

Attention! Werewolf in normal consequent are little doggy, but if dark come he will turn in hostile wolf. Actually, you can see it on screenshot.

Chimera (Creeper)

Cat, which has snake instead his tall. Probably the fastest of all of them new mobs. Be ready to get poison and slowly die.

recommend for MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: mythical-mobs.mcaddon [447,2 Kb]


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