Tower of Terror Addon

Shiriki Utundu (Tower of Terror) Addon adds a new mob which neutral to you and hostile to your enemy hostile mobs. He is some idol in Japan. Skeleton replaced by him and of course, you can meet this statue around your world.

Creator: Vernian MCPE – TDR build

How to use this addon?

If you walk around in forest and suddenly came across to this trees idol – not panic and be happy. He will attack your enemies and defeat you from evil. Unfortunately this is some statue and he cannot move ( of course if you do not help him )

How he looks? You can see him on this screenshot below.

On that foto you can see how powerful he is and how quickly he can kill the hostile mobs, which stay near.

Also he able to use thunderbolts as a powerful magical spell.

recommend use for MCPE and higher version of your game

DOWNLOAD: shiriki.mcaddon [910,37 Kb]



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