Ferrari 458 Italia Add-on

Ferrari 458 Italia Add-on for Minecraft PE adds a new car in your game. Of course, you can get in and drive. You will not move slowly as in past time. Now, you will drive one of the best vehicle from Italy and do not spent your time on the road.

Attention! Do you like this addon? If yes I recommend you another one, where you can add Lamborghini car in your world.

Developers: Gona, Twitter Account

How to create the car?

Witch replaced by Ferrari. You can try to find it through walk around in your world, but if you want quickly get it then you have to create new world with creative mode and just take witch spawn egg. Easy!

How to get in the car?

When you created this vehicle. You need to come closer and tap on it. After, you will see new button «drive» just push this button.

For windows 10. You have to do the same things except tap. You will use right click.

How to control the car?

Take the key ( replaced by carrot on the stick ) If you hold it in your hand your car can start and you can choose direction where going.

On this screenshots you can see to car has two seats. Unfortunately, your friends not able to drive with you. Only you can seat in this Ferrari.

recommend for MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: sport-car-ferrari-behavior-pack.mcpack [226.68 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: sport-car-ferrari-resourses-pack.mcpack [720.23 Kb]



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