More Treasure Maps Addon

More Treasure Maps Addon for Minecraft PE adds three treasure maps through the trading with cartographers. They were recently add in beta version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Use this maps you will find some treasure and new hiding structures in your game.

How to get the treasure maps?

At first, you have to find some cartographers. They are new mobs in MCPE, which were added recently in BETA 1.1. You can search them in big village. You have to give them compass and 22 diamond to exchange.

How to read the map?

It is very easy! You need to new to green marker shows you where is treasure situated. I think it cannot show us exactly place, but we have to find the prize in that territory.

You can see at image below. I reach the green market and see some new structure. Probably I will go in and look inside.

Recommend only for version MCPE +

DOWNLOAD: more-treasure-maps-addon.mcpack [1,3 Kb] (count: 42)

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