HardCore Mobs Addon

HardCore Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE change the mobs in your game. After you install this modification, your mobs will be very difficult and powerful. You think, your game is very easy to you? Just try play with this modification and you get the different. Mobs like Husk, creeper, vindicator, evoker, witch and other mobs will replace by more difficult.

Developers: ZachMC

How to use this addon?

Let me try to write about new creeper. You get a really powerful monster who can suddenly has a super big explosion.

Now I want to write about which mobs will change?

  • Witch: health and damage
  • Evoker: more health
  • Husk: poison damage, more health and better attack, fast.
  • Vindicator: faster, more health and better attack
  • Creeper: bigger explosion, more health.
  • Zombie: more health and damage
  • Slime health and damage

recommend for version 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: hardcore-mobs.mcpack [67,51 Kb] (count: 0)

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