Solid Entities Addon

Do you want have some fun in Minecraft PE? You you download and install Solid Entities Addon, which helps you stack a bunch of mob. It looks very funny! You can do it with your friends or alone, but do not think it is easy. Why? Because mobs are moving and stop on few moments. You have to use these moments to stack them. It is really hard to me, but you can do it.

Developers: Xu Jiaxin, Twitter Account

How it works?

Pay attention! It works not with all mobs in the game. Unfortunately, some mobs ┬źdo not want be stacked┬╗, for example, pigmans.

On this screenshot you can see how funny it looks, but you can collect more mobs and create bigger line. Do you want it? You can start right now!

recommend it for version of game Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: solid-entities-collision-box-addon-v0.2.mcpack [65,18 Kb] (count: 0)

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