Robot Wither Add-on

Robot Wither Add-on for Minecraft change your wither mob in powerful boss. You will see new texture and even new sound. Your boss will be very dangerous robot with extremely attack and some special ability. It will long battle, because he has 400 hearts.

How to spawn new wither boss?

At first, you have to build him like you would build original wither mob. Create one leg, body and two hands with soul sands and put three skeleton skulls. All graphical information is below. ( foto shows you only two skulls, because if I would put the last, he will alive )

Your new enemy will have only range attack, but powerful enough to scary you stop the fighting. In addiction, you can heart some freighting sounds like he flow from other galactic.

What the present you will have after kill him? I mean what loot will drop. Let’s keep secret.

recommend for MCPE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: robot-wither-add-on.mcaddon [1,95 Mb] (count: 2)

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