Surface Mod (Android)

Surface Mod for Minecraft PE adds possibility to teleport you from caves to surface. It is great! You have to use only few simply commands to do it and do not need come back and spend a lot of time for this. Imagine, you will go to some cave to find the gold. You have moved a lot and after it you have to come back to go up surface. This mod makes it easier and you have more time for another useful things.

How to play in this mod?

As I said, this useful mod through command can teleport you from cave to surface. It is really help if you do not like spend a lot of time to come back.

Now I write list of commands:

  • /shelp – more information
  • /surface – teleport to the surface
  • /below – teleport an available area below
  • /version – check the mod version and changelog

How to install this mod?

download blocklauncher or MCPE launcher the latest version

DOWNLOAD: surface-v1.1.js [5,48 Kb] (count: 0)

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