Controllable Llama Addon

Wir are seeing llama only in the last upgrade of MCPE. They look great and we can transport our items in them, nevertheless they have big problem. You cannot ride llamma and control them, but after you install this addon you fix it. Now you can choose direction to ride on these beautiful animals.

Developers: MitchellDawud03, Twitter Account

How to ride them?

At first, you have to know, the method of riding the same as on the horse. So, on the start you need to sit on some llama and wait until you see hearts. It shows about taming of mob. The next step, open the inventory and put carpet in left slot ( look on the screenshot ) That is all!

I think, now you know how to control the lamas and choose direction to go. It is easy. Just see on the needed direction and lama go there. In addition, you will move very quickly.

The main llama function still works! You can put something in the mobs interface. It is very useful as for me.

for MCPE 1.1 + DOWNLOAD: controllable-llama.mcpack [12,23 Kb] (count: 9)

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