Witherbuster Combat Addon

Have you ever seen film The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan? Do you remember when he gets a super suit, which can do many things? Now you can have the same one! When you dress it, you will able to fight with the difficulties boss in your world. For example, you can have great fight with wither boss.


Developers: Gona, Twitter Account

How to get this suit?

At first, you have to build this suit through own hands. Look at the picture below, you need take 4 iron blocks and 1 pumpkin as a head.


How to dress this suit?

After you complete with built it. You come closer as possible and make long tap on the suit. After it, appears new button «ride», push on it and it dress automatically. ( if you have windows device, you have to do right click instead tap )


On the screenshot below, you can see how you will look. Now you are in save, because this suit will automatically attack hostile mobs.


You will be very powerful. You will have two type of attacks. Range attack ( fireballs ) and male attack ( arms )


Perhaps you want to help your friend or want something do? You can shoot Rocket Shells (eggs)

recommend for MCPE 1.1+

DOWNLOAD: witherbuster-combat-armor-behaviors-pack.mcpack [245,79 Kb] (count: 34)

DOWNLOAD: witherbuster-combat-armor-resources-pack.mcpack [497,07 Kb] (count: 22)


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