MonsterTruck Addon

I am happy to present you awesome MonsterTruck Addon for Minecraft PE. You will get huge car and it will be no problem go through mountings now. When you will drive, you will jump a little bit and it is realistic. It also adds few colors of trucks.

Developers: MyoHtet, Twitter Account

How to create the car?

At first, you have to know, that your cars will change the stray mob. So, you can walk around in your world and try to find it or you have other way. Just create new world with creative mode, open your inventory and find the stray spawn eggs. The last one is very easy, I think.

Now you can admire great truck on this screenshots.

Off road it is no problem for you now. Just have fun and move extremely fast.

The prominent feature. In the nighttime hostile mobs cannot reach you.

recommend for MCPE 1.1 + version of game

DOWNLOAD: monstertruckblue.mcaddon [531,73 Kb] (count: 1)

DOWNLOAD: monstertruckdark.mcaddon [532,59 Kb] (count: 1)

DOWNLOAD: monstertruckgreen.mcaddon [532,73 Kb] (count: 1)

DOWNLOAD: monstertruckyellow.mcaddon [532,72 Kb] (count: 1)


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