Marine Addon

Marine Addon for Minecraft PE adds three new watercrafts. There are jet ski, sailboat and speed boat. They are different from each other in controlling mechanism. Do not remember hold the paddle or key while riding some of them.

Developers: Andrew99 (Twitter), raedteam99 (Twitter), AbduSallouh (Twitter)


Instruction of this addon

Now open your water objects in your world will be easy and quickly with new watercrafts.

How to get new watercrafts?

All of the new boats will replaced by original game stuff. Create new world with creative mode, open the inventory and get some needed spawn mob eggs to spawn needed boat.

  • Sailboat have replaced by vindicator
  • Speedboat have replaced by ghast
  • Jet ski have replaced by creeper


How to get in boat and ride it?

Come close as you can and make long tap on it, than you will see new button, tap on this button.

Attention! Do not forget hold in your hand one of this thing:

  • For sailboat you have take and hold paddle ( replaced carrot )
  • For jet ski you have to take and hold key ( replaced carrot on the stick )
  • For speed boat you have to take and hold key ( replaed carrot on the stick )

  • Red Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  • Blue Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  • Yellow Resource & Behavior .McAddon


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