Danger Inbound: Meltdown Edition Addon

I present you Danger Inbound: Meltdown Edition Addon for Minecraft PE.The world is changing. You will never see nature like there as before. Now in your place flow toxic water, the moon in fire, even mobs change own behaviors. You have a feeling to zombie apocalypses come. And you are right! You will see new mobs, weapons, items and blocks ( creator did about 40 changings in the game stuff ) All of hostile mobs will more powerful as never before.

Developers: AlexFirey1411, Twitter Account

Some screenshot and description of addon

Look at your world. What they did with it? The red moon, toxic river and powerful monsters everywhere. Now you have to survival in really scary and difficult conditions, what you never did.


The weather is extremely different now. The lightings, toxic rain and always dark.

Maybe are you going to hide yourself in other dimensions? They was changed too. Just look on the picture below and you will understand what I mean.

The dragon will move super quickly and be very powerful.

recommend for MCPE 1.1 +

How to install?

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon (55.47 MB)
  2. import in your game
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the resource pack
  4. Create a new world and add the behavior pack only
  5. done!


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