Alex’s Hover Bikes Addon

Alex’s Hover Bikes Addon for Minecraft PE adds some vehicle which fly in the sky. Of course, you can get in and drive this fly car. It not only good loking as very quickly move, with this bike you will never late. Maybe do you want make some race with your friends? Just invite them and make great competition in your world with Hover bike!

Where you can find it?

At first you have to know, you can find your bike just in your world, because it will replaced by horse. But, if you do not want spend your time, you can just create new world with creative mode, open your inventory and take horse spawn egg.

I recommend you put some saddle on it. After you get in, you can open inventory and put saddle on your bike. Just look at screenshot below and you undestand what I mean.

It is the perfect vehicle to move very quickly and never late. In big city, you never stop on traffic jams. Do you want fly at nighttime? No problem! Just do it!
recommend for MCPE 1.1+ DOWNLOAD: hoverbikesbyalexfirey.mcaddon [2,68 Mb]

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