Hulk Addon

Hulk Addon for Minecraft PE adds powerful and strong boss Hulk. Are you ready to great battle with him?! This boss will also attack mobs in your world. So, not only you will be sacrifice. Nevertheless, meager amount of chance to win cannot forbidden battle with him. You have to start with build the Hulk as you built Golem (because Hulk will replaced by him)


What you have to do?

At first, you have to know that Hulk will replaced by Golem. So you need to build him. Take 4 irons blocks and one pumpkin. See on screenshot below how you can do it right.

Fast, quickly and very strong. This is adjectives has boss Hulk. I hope, you will prepare before see him in your world. Take the best armor and weapon as possible. Try to make some strategy. You have to know that Hulk can crush you.

recommend for MCPE 1.1 + DOWNLOAD: hulk-behavior.mcpack [212,34 Kb] DOWNLOAD: hulk-resource.mcpack [1,31 Mb]

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