Cthulhu Addon

Cthulhu Addon for Minecraft PE adds the biggest and strongest boss I have ever seen. He came from deepest ocean to fight with you. Are you ready to do it? He will replaced by Ghast and will super big and horrible looking. I recommend before fighting with him, prepare to battle as can as possible. Take good armor and effective weapons.

Developers: TheEnderface, Twitter Account


How to spawn this Cthulhu?

As I already said, this boss replaced by Ghast. So, you can just walk around your world and try to find him. Or you can get it easily, just create new world with creative mode and in your inventory take spawn egg of him. Easy!

Now you can see below how he looks like. Terrible no?!

Other picture. Here you can see how dangerous he Is in battle.

We recommend install this mode in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1 + version: DOWNLOAD: cthulhu-behavior.mcpack [13,14 Kb] (count: 22) DOWNLOAD: cthulhu-resource.mcpack [3,15 Mb] (count: 27)

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